Subject of study : Subjects of study shall comprise of Group-I, Group- II and Group- III.

Group I-The candidate may opt any one of the languages given below along with English as the compulsory subject.

  • English
  • Kannada
  • Hindi

Group II- ( For all six semesters). The students may opt any one of the following subject combinations.

  • English, Kannada,Mathematics
  • Political- Science, Computor Application
  • Economics, Education, Music
  • Hindi, History
  • History

Group III (For semesters I to IV only) the students have to study the following compulsory subjects in each semesters.

  • Indian Constitution (semesters I)
  • Human rights and Environmental studies (semester II)
  • Personality Development and Communication skills (semester III)
  • Computer Applications (semester IV)