Demonstrated involvement, support, and commitment tothe Institute and the Alumni Association
Alumni Involvement-Assist the institute and the Alumni Association in identifying, cultivating and involving alumni in areas such as student recruitment, career networking, legislative advocacy, chapter leadership, identify prospective donors, financial support, or more.
Serve as a communications link with your academic department to keep the department informed of Alumni Association activities and to encourage participation of faculty, staff, and departmental alumni in the Alumni Association.
Participate in the University sponsored initiatives such as campaigns, community involvement.and program Activity Awareness
committee Members
• Prof. S. C. Junja 
• Shri. J. P. Patil    Vice President Click dowm to Know more
• Shri. M.V. Patil   Vice President  
• Dr. P. S. Kandagal  Chairman 1) Veiw registration
•  Shri. D. V. Kamatagi


2) Cash Prizes
•  Shri. D. P. Daga

Union Secretary

•  Shri. L. B. Arasiddi  Working Committee Member 4)Alunmi
• Shri. C.P. Salimath.  Working Committee Member  
• Shri. S.G. Lokapur.  Working Committee Member For New Registrations Please down load the registration form & send us along with D.D.
•Shri. S.M. Gongadashetty  Working Committee Member
.•  Shri. V. V. Saka  Working Committee Member  
•  Shri. S. C. Akki  Working Committee Member  
•  Shri. S. V. Samalad  Working Committee Member  
•  Dr.(Smt). Bharati. Naik  Working Committee Member  
•  Shri. B. Babu  Working Committee Member  

  Special Invitees

• Shri. Dr. S.D.Hosamani


• Shri. R.M. Darak


• Shri. J.R.Koti


• Shri. B.R. Mathada




Alumni Committee